Shauna Tackett is an actress, filmmaker, director, and writer from southeastern Kentucky.   When it comes to film, she does it all!
She started getting an interest in acting around age 12, when she would perform in school plays, sometimes even writing some of the plays herself.  She started writing her first script at about age 15, and knew then that she wanted not only to act, but write scripts and make her own movies as well.
Shauna acted in her first film ever in 2009, a film by David Gooslin of 148 Productions, titled “CRY:
The Video Diary of Calvin Ray Young.”
Since then she has been in many other independent films in and around Kentucky,  She is currently working on editing two of her own films, a horror film titled “Bad Hare Day” and a comedy titled “Illuminaughty.”  She had her first attempt at making a film in 2010, titled “Perfect Skin” but it failed, for numerous reasons out of her control, so then she got her own filming equipment and had the idea for “Bad Hare Day” and she began writing the script for it.  She still hopes to turn “Perfect Skin” into a film in the near future so it can be shared with the world.
She finished her first short film in 2011, titled “X“.  You can view it at the link on the “Films” page.
Shauna has her own film company, “SHAUNA THE DEAD PRODUCTIONS” as well as co-owns
another production company called “GORE WHORE PRODUCTIONS” with her film partner, Joey Webb.
They are currently in production of their first true Gore Whore Productions film right now, and it is
titled “Death Metal.”
Shauna is also working on scripts for many more short films which she plans on filming in the upcoming months, including a sequel to “Bad Hare Day.” 
If you’re interested in having Shauna in one of your films, or if you would like her to appear at one of your conventions or events, please contact her via the contact page.   (She has visible tattoos, but she can easily completely cover them with special makeup if needed for a role.)
In addition to being an actress and film-maker, Shauna is also an electronic musician.  You can listen to some of her music on the “Music” page.